Wrought iron fence product specifications and product advantages have?
Wrought iron fence with beautiful and practical;Suitable for height is not big, long isolation;Horizontal roll ring ring stiffener, this fence netting is in the overall cost of the few at the same time, significantly increase the net surface strength and beauty, etc.Fence netting LanWang material: low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire.Textile and characteristics: weaving welding and become, have anticorrosive, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, beautiful and practical, etc.Network anticorrosion form electroplating, hot, plastic spraying, dipping plastic plating.Purpose: municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoo, ChiHu, roads, and residential segregation and protection;Highway, railway, airport, Bridges on both sides of the shield and decoration.
, wrought iron fence netting, novel structure, strong precision, smooth surface, uniform mesh, integrity, strong toughness, not together, prevent slippery, compressive, wind, rain no matter how bad the local natural conditions, the service life of the general for decades.Also overcome the welded wire mesh welding point fall off easy open welding defects, one-time installation never loose.My factory production, wrought iron fence netting, now it has become a preferred WangWeiLan environmental governance, and as China's famous WangWeiLan gradually incorporated into the national key ecological projects.
Wrought iron fence netting of advantages:
1. Beautiful and practical;
2. Suitable for height is not big, long isolation;
3. The horizontal roll ring ring stiffener, at the same time in the overall cost of the few, significantly increase the net surface strength and beauty, wrought iron fence netting is one of the most popular road cars at home and abroad.
Isolation belt, wrought iron fence netting, major markets: district municipal engineering isolation garden fence.
Wrought iron fence product specifications:
1. Jinsu wire diameter: 3.5 mm to 5.5 mm;
2. The mesh: 5.0 cm x 20 cm;
3. Post: peach shape column: 50 mm x 70 mm to 70 mm * 100 mm;
Wrought iron fence netting of other specifications can be customized as required!
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