Welded stainless steel wire mesh used for doors and Windows screens stronger security
Welded stainless steel wire mesh used for anti-theft window screening, also called king kong net.With 201, 304 material is stainless steel wire mesh through coating inferior smooth processing, installed on the aluminum doors and Windows which has the function of guard against theft window screening.Itself, stainless steel wire mesh hardness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, firm structure, abrasion resistance, etc.After electrophoresis paint disposal, in harsh conditions, are not afraid of damp, fierce to bask in the sun, the erosion of atmospheric pollution.Compared with ordinary wire netting, welded stainless steel wire mesh anti-theft window screening with smooth surface, mesh number of standard, latitude and longitude curve is consistent, its salient features are BanShi hard like iron, impact resistance is strong, can effectively prevent the rat, snake, flies, mosquitoes damage screens after invasion, anti-theft effect is also very significant.Welded stainless steel wire mesh mainly has 201, 304, 316, 14 mesh wire diameter 0.6 mm material, mesh wire diameter 0.8 mm, 11 11 mesh wire diameter 0.9 mm, 12 mesh wire diameter 0.7 mm, etc.Welded stainless steel wire mesh anti-theft window screen size can be customized according to customer requirements processing
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