Galvanized welded wire mesh wi
A, scope of application
Galvanized welded wire mesh wi the laid in the applicable from the structure within the anti-crack mortar, coat is used to enhance the crack resistance and heat shock resistance of the welded wire mesh plating.
Second, the detection basis
Eps JG149-2003 thin grey exterior wall insulation system
JG158-2004 powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation
DGJ32 / J22-2006 cement base composite insulation mortar technical code for building insulation system
QB/T3897-1999 galvanized welded wire mesh
Three, conventional test items:
Mesh size, wire diameter, quality of solder joint tensile resistance, galvanized layer
Fourth, test method
1, the wire diameter
With values of 0.01 mm micrometer, scriptures, filling the three measurement (except zinc granule), take the average.
2, and the size of the mesh,
Expand the network on a flat surface, according to the 305 mm hole network constitute a number of value of 1 mm steel measurement. Controversial, available in vernier caliper measurement value is 0.02 mm.
3, solder joint tensile resistance
Take 5 points on the Internet, according to figure 5 tension test, take the average.
4, quality of the galvanized layer
According to the provisions of GB/T2973 test, can choose the weight method.
* sample: sample length according to the requirements of standard 500-600 - mm
* test with solution
Solution a: using 3.5 g six methyl tetramine dissolved in 500 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid, diluted with distilled water to 1000 ml.
Solution 2: with 32 gb of high-intensity antimony trichloride or 20 g HuaEr antimony dissolved in 1000 ml of hydrochloric acid as the original liquid, with the 100 ml and 5 ml concentrate hydrochloric acid mixture proportion test solution.
5, experimental process
* weighing the quality of the sample before remove the zinc layer, steel wire is not more than 0.80 mm in diameter, accurate to 0.001 g, at least more than 0.80 mm at least accurate to 0.01 g.
* will be completely immersed in the test solution, sample solution in the process of experimental temperature shall not exceed 38 ℃.
* for the occurrence of hydrogen significantly reduced, the zinc layer completely dissolved, after take out the sample immediately after wash fully dry, weighing the quality of the sample after remove the zinc layer again.
* measure the diameter of the sample after remove the zinc layer, should be on the same circumference of a circle two perpendicular parts of a, its average, accurate to 0.01 mm.
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