The application of highway mesh fence
In order to effectively prevent the speeding car rushed out of the expressway due to accident or other reasons, and highway mesh fence is set along the sides of their driveway and related safety facilities.
In general, the highway mesh fence is composed of pillar and transverse bar. Fence netting product technical parameters, the grid 50 mm to 150 mm, the wire diameter 3.0-6.0 mm, steel pipe frame 25 to 50 mm, pillar 48-200 - mm, height of 1.6 m - 5 m, column spacing of 1.5 m to 4 m. Guardrail is main effect at the time of the crash through the barrier of the overall protection and correct guidance to the vehicle, ensure the safety of vehicle collision car occupant of a protective facilities.
On both sides of highway, the provisions of the state to install guardrail nets or other highway mesh fence, etc, to guide the vehicle. If leads to dysfunction, rebound will cause a collision with other vehicles moving vehicle secondary collision accident, causing more severe losses. So the car after the collision trajectory is very important, usually adopt international collision vehicles out of Angle to evaluate vehicle trajectory.
In recent years, in large rivers, cliffs and other dangerous degree high road, vehicle crew if fall off, may. Therefore, in these places also install some fence netting products to the corresponding protection. And some of the sections is not such a serious problem, roadside with median situation is completely different. So in different sections, using different materials, different forms of fence netting, so that we can under the premise of safe protection cost effectively reduce cost.
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